A Drive for Perfection

Toyota - the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, are an organisation with a global reputation for delivering the highest standards of production.

Their values and business methods are known and emulated throughout the world and their focus on continuous improvement enables them to maintain their position as one of the world’s most successful companies. This drive for perfection doesn’t just apply to production, but also to the health and well-being of their staff. Their constant effort to improve in every area of safety means that their safety record is exceptional.

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The Challenge

We were delighted when the safety team at the engine manufacturing plant at Deeside (North Wales) approached us to work with their colleagues to ensure a high level of vigilance and a continued focus on achieving the highest levels of safety.

In one of the most ambitious projects we have undertaken, we were challenged to work with the Leadership and Management team to inspire the same drive for perfection in health and safety as they have for engine production. The sessions delivered such an impact that we were asked to continue the project and deliver sessions to all 600 staff.

Our Solution

1 - Training sessions

In what was quite a unique challenge, we worked in close partnership with the Toyota team to develop a series of training sessions designed to establish a vision of a safety focussed culture and inspire the delegates to positively lead the culture by example and in practise.

In a series of truly inspirational events, our Health and Safety specialist Matt Cleve facilitated lively and interactive sessions which used theatre as the central components. This was crucial as it enabled us to deliver against a number of agreed objectives, including:

  • Creating an awareness of the leader’s role in maintaining a positive, “safety-comes-first” culture.
  • Consider how leaders challenge unsafe behaviours.

2 - Films

The Challenge

Working alongside the team at Toyota we identified the need for a short and hard-hitting workshop, and in order to deliver the maximum impact we agreed to produce two films that focussed on key themes:

  • To identify unsafe attitudes and show how these lead to unsafe behaviour.
  • To depict the consequences of unsafe behaviour.

The Solution

The first film, ‘Where’s Barry?’, creates a narrative based upon an unseen Toyota employee, Barry has experienced an accident at home that may have long-lasting health implications. Throughout the film the audience watches as his friends and colleagues discuss how and why Barry got hurt, whilst simultaneously violating health and safety standards and behaving contrary to what they are saying. This style introduced a number of characters, attitudes and behaviours that are based on actual Toyota working practices and situated on their premises.

Whilst we made every effort to ensure the details were accurate and reflected Toyota’s production processes, the films are deliberately provocative and present an exaggerated version of the safety environment.

The second film, ‘I Am The Accident’, starts where the first finishes, with the Toyota plant shutdown because of a fatality. From out of the shadows a personification of “The Accident” appears. She talks directly to the audience about how she’s had to wait a long time to claim a victim at Toyota, “you all living the safe life made me sick.” She then jumps back into the action of the first film which shows how she was present during every conversation, just waiting for the right opportunity.

The films were shot over the course of two days at the Toyota plant using a Canon 5D Mk 3 and VTR North (www.vtrnorth.co.uk) added the visual effects and grade.

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards - Gold Awards for “Where’s Barry?” Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards - Gold Awards for “Where’s Barry?” Institute of Internal Communications - Awards of Excellence

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