Suttons Group
Health & Safety Management Event

On Wednesday 25th September 2013, Juice Learning had the pleasure of delivering a full day Health & Safety Management Conference for Managers and Safety Leaders from across Suttons Group.

Suttons are a leading global transport and logistics company, specialising in the bulk movement of chemicals, gases, fuel and food.

As part of Suttons’ ongoing drive for Safety Excellence, marked by their 6-year established ‘THINKsafe’ programme, the company wanted to re-engage their Safety Leaders and reinvigorate the message supporting their journey to ‘World Class Safety’.

Juice Learning was invited to design and deliver an event which would be high-impact, engaging, enjoyable and most importantly memorable; a session which would inject a new lease of life into the company’s Health and Safety agenda.

Before work on designing the event even began, Juice Learning created and distributed an in-depth Health and Safety Cultural Climate Survey to all employees of Sutton’s through both an online and hard-copy questionnaire. The results of this survey, which was completed by a total of 356 people from across the organisation, were subsequently compiled, analysed and used as the basis for the content design of the event.

Alongside the core content of the day which was to be delivered by the Juice Learning team, headed up by our lead facilitator, Matt Cleve; Suttons had also invited two further independent speakers, Alison Moriarty of Skanska and Paul Blanchard a former builder who details the story and aftermath of a tragic accident which left him paralysed from the chest down.

Taking Suttons’ already strong Health and Safety culture as a starting point, Juice devised a range of activities and dramatic interventions which took the 50+ participants on a journey through the principles of behavioural Health and Safety, organisational culture change, the journey to ‘World Class’ and the management and leadership attributes which would help to get them there.

The theatrical scenarios created for the event followed the trials and tribulations of a team working in the fictitious ‘Happy Haulage’ and demonstrated a range of recognisable attitudes, behaviours and mindsets which were collectively inhibiting the Health and Safety culture of that particular organisation. These scenarios, whilst raising a few knowing smiles amongst the Suttons team, fed into interesting and productive debate and discussion throughout the day and were concluded with a dramatic, tragic climax.


Responses from the event participants were resoundingly positive; with Tony Leighton, Managing Director of the Road Tanker Division stating on the day that it had ‘exceeded expectations’.


Of participants stated that the event helped to celebrate the success of ThinkSAFE so far and reinvigorated it to take it forwards to the next stage.


Of participants felt that the event highlighted the importance of taking personal responsibility for leading a positive Health and Safety culture within Suttons Group.


Of participants said that the event helped them to commit to finding ways to improve the manner in which they lead safety.


Of participants stated that the session helped them to consider ways in which to improve staff engagement on safety.


Of participants felt that the event helped them to consider the quality of their safety conversations and find ways to improve them.


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