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Nampak Plastics Europe provides packaging solutions for industries in a number of territories and has operations throughout both Africa and Europe.

The Challenge

Having invested heavily in process safety in recent years, Nampak Plastics UK identified a need to realise further improvement in its Health and Safety performance in order to fully protect both its business and its workforce.
Although Nampak had a belief that a behavioural safety programme was the next step in their organisational development, there was some uncertainty about the approach that would be most effective in their fast-paced manufacturing environment and geographically dispersed workforce.

What was clear to them was that a blended approach, using a number of techniques and mediums would most likely achieve the best results in encouraging their workforce to contribute towards a positive safety culture; and change attitudes and ownership of health and safety within the organisation.

Our Solution

Design & Consultation

  • The Juice team worked closely with Nampak’s Health and Safety Business Partners to carry out a detailed consultation process at a selection of their manufacturing plants across the UK.
  • Juice also designed, commissioned and evaluated a company-wide health and safety survey to understand the current attitudes and perceptions of staff in relation to; leadership, policies and procedures, training and equipment and safe behaviours.
  • Through this process, it became clear that there was a need to clarify, communicate and embed the organisation’s Health and Safety vision across the business.



To gain maximum and sustained exposure of these key messages, Juice then created an instantly recognisable brand to be used in all communications. “Safety Excellence” became the theme for the entire intervention.

Board Event

The programme started with a workshop session with the Board of Directors, aimed at aligning them behind the aspirations of Safety Excellence and challenging them to lead the culture by example. Critical to this was the creation of a Nampak Health and Safety mindset which would be used to drive behaviours throughout the business. The Board decided upon "Think Safety; Act Safely; Be Safe".

Leader’s Conference

  • Nampak’s annual Manager’s Conference was the ideal opportunity to launch the programme to participants from all levels of the business. Every detail was carefully managed by Juice to ensure that the whole experience was positive and challenging.
  • On May 26th, over 120 staff from across the UK gathered at an unconventional venue; The Blue Shed in Sheffield, for a memorable and ‘inspirational’ day. The event was fully staged with dramatic and moving pieces of theatre linking together engaging activities, thought-provoking films, breakout sessions and powerful presentations from the leaders of the business.
  • Objectives for the day were:
    • To encourage open and honest discussion of health & safety issues
    • To examine Nampak’s health & safety culture and identify areas for improvement
    • To introduce the new Nampak health & safety mind-set and outline the organisation’s goals
    • To highlight the wide-ranging consequences when things go wrong as a result of working unsafely
    • To encourage participants to actively and visibly lead the desired culture within the business when they returned to work
    • To continue the process of all members of staff being actively engaged in the process if evolving Nampak's Health & Safety culture


The cornerstone of the programme was an employee training resource that could be delivered at local level by Nampak Health and Safety Coordinators. They attended a thorough Train-the-Trainer session to help ensure motivation, ease of use, and confidence in rolling out the sessions.

2 x 90min Training Resource

  • We created two 90 minute workshop sessions centring on a series of short films shot in Nampak’s own manufacturing plants which tell the story of a number of characters, one of whom would ultimately be the victim in a serious incident. The films would provide a springboard for a range of discussions and activities aimed at eliminating Health and Safety violations and reducing human error throughout Nampak.
  • The training resource is comprised of:
    • A detailed introduction to the pack
    • Trainer tips and techniques
    • Preparation advice
    • A detailed leader’s guide and workshop plan
    • A DVD-ROM of the associated films, PowerPoints and
      hand outs
    • Any materials to be used in the interactive activities.
The training resource

Evaluations & Results

  • 99% felt motivated to actively and visibly lead the Health and Safety culture
  • 99% said the training highlighted the wide-ranging consequences when things go wrong as a result of working unsafely
  • 98% said that the training successfully introduced the health and safety mind-set and outlined the organisation’s goals
  • 93% said they would change something about the way they work to improve Health and Safety at Nampak Plastics
  • An externally conducted post-intervention survey will be taking place in 2012 to compare to the pre-intervention results. So far the interim feedback from across the business has been extremely promising.


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