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“It was a real pleasure to work with the people in Juice, they were responsive to suggestions and together we produced a great product that was recognised within the company by experienced Managers as the best Training they had seen.”

Stuart Law, Site Director, Wylfa

Juice Learning were delighted to join forces once again with Magnox as part of their ongoing commitment to improving safety performance through changing behaviours and reinforcing their five core values:

  1. Target Zero
  2. Valuing Our People
  3. Build Great Relationships on Trust
  4. Always Strive to Deliver
  5. Challenge and Innovation

Implementation of these Values by all employees is essential for a safe and secure working environment as well as cost-effective and innovative decommissioning.

Magnox, owned by Cavendish Fluor Partnership, is the contractor responsible for managing 12 nuclear sites and one hydroelectric plant through their lifecycles to defueling and decommissioning. People, Plant and Process were the key focus for this year’s Company Safety Improvement Plan and First Line Supervisors were the target audience.

Our solution

'How Did This Happen?', a Safety Leadership event for First Line Supervisors, was a high impact, emotionally engaging intervention led by our specialist facilitator and featuring bespoke drama – based on a real incident. The highly interactive sessions provided team leaders with an opportunity to review their current safety culture and address the following objectives:

  • To understand the concept of safety leadership and recognise how you proactively shape the culture in your team
  • Demonstrate the Magnox values (target zero) and the real benefit that a strong safety culture can bring
  • Present a compelling case to deploy Human Performance tools as part of standard operating procedure in every task
  • Understand how to empower and embed the right behaviours in team members, so that they can adapt to changing circumstances that affect safety
  • Understand that Human Performance tools are essential to compliant operation and the welfare of your team members and their families

Our cast of four actors and Facilitator travelled the length and breadth of the country taking the sessions (and various props and costumes!) to venues across the UK. Using theatre to examine the safety issues across all sites, we exposed dangerous behaviours and attitudes familiar to many if not all delegates. By demonstrating the potential consequences of these attitudes and behaviours and how easily they can lead to serious injury or loss of life, our highly immersive approach made this a session to remember!

We also created a self-assessment tool or ‘Legacy Resource’ to supplement the safety leadership course based on the key themes raised in the live training programme:

  1. Your team’s use of Human Performance tools and error precursors
  2. Your use of non-directional communication techniques
  3. Your team’s safety culture
  4. Your safety leadership performance

In the form of a booklet, the resource encourages participants to reflect on their own strengths and areas for development. This is then reviewed alongside their manager who, using a coaching approach, will challenge their thoughts and understanding. An agreed action plan with review timescales concludes the process.

The Results!

Event evaluation
The following responses were recorded from participants both before and after the training in order to gauge any significant shifts in attitude and understanding:

I understand the concept of safety leadership and how my own behaviours can shape the culture within my team

  • Before Event 71%
  • After Event 92%

I have a clear understanding of the Magnox values (Target Zero) and the benefits a strong safety culture can bring

  • Before Event 79%
  • After Event 92%

I understand the significance of Human Performance tools and how essential they are to safe and compliant operations and the welfare of my team

  • Before Event 75%
  • After Event 92%


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