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Croydon Health Service’s 3,500 staff provide acute and community healthcare services for a diverse population of 360,000 across the borough. Care is delivered either in patients’ own homes or from clinics and specialist centres, including Croydon University Hospital.

Following a highly competitive tender process, we were delighted to be selected to design and deliver a large-scale Patient Experience culture-change programme for the Trust. The programme was designed to support the Trust’s ‘Here for You’ promises:

  • You feel cared for
  • You feel in safe hands
  • You feel confident in your treatment
  • You feel we value your time
  • You feel it’s getting better all the time

This project an opportunity for the Trust to further develop their patient focussed culture throughout the whole organisation.

Following a period of thorough consultation, e designed a two-tiered programme consisting of live, theatre-based events delivered to the entire workforce, and tailored sessions for key Senior Managers throughout the Trust.

The Senior Managers’ events were designed to:

  • Demonstrate the impact of positive leadership and encourage ownership of leading a culture focused upon excellence and fearlessness of challenging unacceptable behaviour at all levels.
  • Encourage management to work alongside HR to deliver processes and practices which embed the required standards of excellence from induction through to appraisal.
  • Ensure that management are fully accountable for their staff and ensure that they adhere fully to an agreed code of behavioural and attitudinal conduct.

The Staff events were designed to:

  • Define what Patient Experience Excellence is, and to link this to the ongoing success of the Trust.
  • Embed Croydon Health Service NHS Trust’s ‘Here for You’ promises.
  • Allow staff to reflect upon their current practice and develop a better understanding of how their behaviours and attitude impacts upon patients and colleagues.
  • Impart the skills and confidence required to address and challenge unacceptable standards of behaviour positively and proactively.
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills required for positive and effective patient, staff and visitor interactions.

The resultant programme, spanning a 12 month delivery period has consisted of 50 live facilitated events, each involving a team of actors performing bespoke scenarios created to highlight typical challenging behaviours and attitudes within recognisable work-based situations which the delegates can immediately connect with.

With the live event rollout concluding in February 2014, the programme has already generated a significant quantity of evaluation data and feedback from over 2,200 participants.


Analysis of the evaluation results from Quarters 1 & 2 of the programme delivery phase has demonstrated an overwhelmingly positive response to the programme and its desired learning outcomes. We asked a series of questions each requiring a 1 – 5 rating (1-low / negative, 5-high / positive).

pie chart 01

These results show that from a total of 2,247 completed evaluation forms, 94% of participants responded positively to questions about the events and associated learning content, with only 1% recording a ‘low’ rating and 5% a ‘mid-range’ response to the questions asked.

The post-event evaluation covered 5 key questions, designed to assess the participants’ progress and understanding against the learning objectives of the workshops. The results can be summarised as follows:


Of participants stated after the training that they understood the fundamentals of delivering an excellent patient/client experience and how this links to the success of the Trust.


Of participants stated that the events helped them to consider the way in which they demonstrate the 'Here for You' promises.


Of participants felt that the events helped them to reflect on their current practice and consider how their behaviour creates either a positive or negative patient/client experience.


Of participants said that the event helped them to understand the difference between caring for somebody and caring about them.


Of participants confirmed that the events have helped them to consider the importance of different teams and departments working together more effectively and the benefits this brings to patients/clients.

With the programme of live events due to conclude in February 2014, we are in the process of exploring with Croydon Health Services NHS Trust the longer term legacy of the programme, including e-learning and media solutions for the Trust to implement for top-up training and induction use.

EW – Legacy Resources

Juice Learning were commissioned following the success of the live ‘Here for You’ training programme to design a comprehensive set of Training Resources for use within the Trust ongoing.

Following further consultation with the Trust, Juice created a Trainers’ Resource Pack which would be used in-house by Trust trainers to continue to refresh and remind those staff who had attended the Juice-run course, but also to introduce new employees to the ‘Here for You’ ethos and culture.

Far beyond simply translating the earlier live course into trainers’ notes, the Pack provided all notes, tools and materials for an entirely new session, including a series of bespoke films created by our Media Team to support the learning objectives of the resource and to illustrate the behaviours and attitudes which can make or break a Patient Experience.

Furthermore, in the intervening period between the conclusion of the live training programme and the creation of the Trainers’ Resource Pack, the Trust had embraced the ‘Hello my name is…’ movement, founded by Dr. Kate Granger.  We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to film an interview with Kate herself and this interview has formed an integral part of the resource.

The Trainers’ Resource Pack was introduced into the Trust through a series of Train the Trainer sessions delivered by our specialist NHS facilitator and is now in active use within Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.

NHS Trust - Croydon Health Services

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